A beer could not taste any fresher.

Our in-house, ultra-modern brewery is located right next to the restaurant in the historic garden palace of the Belvedere – the Stöckl. Here you can look over the shoulder of our master brewer and watch how hops and malt become very special beers according to the old art of brewing.

All of our beers are brewed on site, are unfiltered and not pasteurized. And that’s exactly how they taste: wonderfully fresh and natural. Our beers are based on old traditional recipes, great care, a lot of experience and new technological knowledge, which are embedded in our state-of-the-art SALM brewery.

Our Brewery

Our Beers

Wiener Helles

This classic Viennese Lager is brewed according to an old family recipe. It is not quite as hoppy, but full-bodied and very tasty.

storage period: 22 days
original wort: 12 degrees
alcohol content: 4.8%
matches with: Viennese kitchen

Stöckl Pils

Brewed according to an original recipe from the Pilsen brewery in the Czech Republic with aromatic Saazer hops from one of the most famous growing regions in the world. Hoppy aroma with slightly bitter notes and a full-bodied, smooth finish.

storage period: 28 days
original wort: 12.5 degress
alcohol content: 5.0%
matches with: fish and salad

Stöckl Wheat Beer

Brewed according to the original old Bavarian method with a mixture of wheat and barley malt. The secret of Stöckl wheat is in the yeast. It gives it its fruity, fresh taste. The perfect drink for summer!

storage period: 14 days
original wort: 12 degrees
alcohol content: 4.6%
matches with: small treats and hearty breakfast

Böhmisch G‘mischtes

This mix has its origin in our neighboring country, the Czech Republic, and was formerly actually mixed from dark and light beer in old inns. We are already brewing this beer specialty in this way, while maintaining the characteristics of dark and light beer: lean, hoppy aromas meet a fine malt taste with caramel notes.

storage period: 28 days
original wort: 12.5 degrees
alcohol content: 5.0%
matches with: dark and wintery days

Stöckl Märzen

The Stöckl Märzen was originally the typical Beer from Vienna. The red colour was significant for this type of beer, which has been taken to Munich later to be brewed as the Octoberfestbeer. It has a clearly more malt character, has a significant stronger full body nature and has less hops. Especially women, who don´t like the bitterness of stronger hoped beers, prefer this type and find their way to the enjoyment of full tasting beers. Even in these days, this beertype is known in the US as the “Vienna Red”. The original gravity is 12,5%, alcohol content 5%. It will be brewed with the double decoction process (double mash process), needs 7 days for primary fermentation and 21 days for secondary fermentation.

storage period: 21 days
original wort: 12.5 degrees
alcohol content: 5%
matches with: meat dishes

Stöckl Beer Sampler

The ultimate beer experience at Stöckl: Taste all Stöckl beer specialties
(Lager, Pils, Märzen, G’mischtes, wheat beer).
The choice for connoisseurs and waverers.